OTHM Level 3 Technical Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety


The aims of this programme will allow learners to :

  • Understand the different roles and responsibilities for health and safety in the working environment
  • Be aware of safety and welfare rules in the working environment
  • Understand the elements of a health and social policy
  • Understand the benefits of safety management systems in organisations
  • Be able to review health and safety procedures across an organisation
  • Be able to communicate effectively when contributing to the maintenance of a healthy and safe work environment
  • Understand the importance of working with others to maintain a healthy and safe workplace.
  • Understand the principles of risk assessment.
  • Understand about risks and control methods for workplace hazards
  • Know how to manage the effects of accidents and incidents
  • Be able to monitor risks and incident management


Candidates will get progressions in UK for relevant Bachelors program

after Achieving level 3 Technical certificate in OHS

Session Progressing Date

19th Jan 2024

20th Feb 2024

Price PKR 190,000

Mandatory Units

  • Health and Safety Principles
    in the Working Environment
    (10 credits)
  • Maintaining a Healthy and
    Safe Working Environment
    (14 credits)
  • Principles of Risk and
    Incident Management in the
    Working Environment (10

Qualification Structure

The OTHM Level 3 Technical Certificate in Occupational Health and
Safety consists of 3 mandatory units for a combined total of 34 credits,
340 hours Total Qualification Time (TQT) and 220 Guided Learning Hours
(GLH) for the completed qualification.

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