NVQ Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Health & Safety Management


The aim of this NVQ Level 7 diploma is to provide senior management employees involved in the strategic management of the organisation the skills and confidence to make those decisions that effect change in the business.

The Level 7 Diploma in strategic health and safety leadership and management is a high-level, globally recognised qualification which is completely evaluated by each candidates’ competency. Evidence of competency is based on real world, on-the-job activities within your current role, this means that you can use previously created documentation as part of your portfolio.

The evidence you need may already be sitting in your files or desktop folders allowing a quick and convenient way to gain a level 7 qualification.

Who is this NVQ course for?

This ProQual NVQ Level 7 Diploma course in strategic health and safety leadership and management has been designed for those in a managerial position within their organisation, that have responsibility for developing and applying health and safety at a senior level and those that are looking to expand their expertise and skills.

What level is this NVQ qualification?

This NVQ is equivalent to a Master’s degree.

As the name suggests this qualification meets the criteria set out by the UK’s national qualifications framework (NQF) to be a level 7 qualification which is parallel to a level 11 on the Scottish credit and qualifications framework (SCQF).

Session Progressing Date

10 & 28 Feburary 2024

Price PKR 330,000

Qualification Structure

  • Course Level: Level 7 – Equivalent to Master’s Degree
  • Time dedication: 500 hours approx
  • Course duration: 2 years
  • Average completion time: 10 – 12 months
  • Study method: On-the-job
  • Evidence submission: Electronic / Online
  • Evidence assessment: Dedicated NVQ Assessor / External Verifier
  • NVQ Training Support: Yes – tutor supported

Mandatory Units

Syllabus Unit No. Learning Outcome
A/618/5596 Risk-based safety systems management
F/618/5597 Safety culture, sustainability and the global effect on performance
J/618/5598 Digital technologies and incident investigation
L/618/5599 Development as a strategic manager
J/506/2048 Establish business risk management processes


The course is competence based and learners will need to demonstrate that they meet the course criteria by way of submitting corroborated evidence. Learners’ competency will be assessed by PSB NVQ assessors. The assessment is based on evidence uploaded, statements provided and professional discussions.

There are various types of evidence that learners can submit, including:

  • Reflective account of the learner
  • Dissertation completed by the learner
  • Completed health and safety documentation
  • Witness testimonies from senior managers, technical experts, or colleagues
  • Health and Safety procedures developed by the learner
  • Activities in, and contributions to, professional bodies and organisations
  • Safe systems of work/method statements developed by the learner
  • Completed risk assessments
  • Completed workplace inspection reports
  • Completed investigation reports
  • Records of training arranged or delivered for others
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Professional discussion
  • Communications to and from regulatory authorities
  • Communications to and from health and safety specialists or professionals
  • Policies and procedures developed by the learner
  • Strategic Plans which have been developed and implemented in the workplace




Main Benefits of the NVQ Level 7


The NVQ Level 7 Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety Practice is a Masters’ Degree Level qualification. Undergoing intensive development to meet strict NQF criteria needed to achieve level 7 status the syllabus evolution was a consultative process with the awarding body taking input from PSB and the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.

This rigorous attention to detail ensures it meets the requirements the industry needs and demands.

Work Based Learning
Vocational qualifications are a preferred learning style of employers, the competency of an employee is assessed and proven “on the job” by external qualified assessors.

Proving that successful candidates hold the required knowledge and know how to use this knowledge in real world scenarios.

While undertaking this qualification, your organisations internal systems will get a complete review and overhaul (undertaken by you), this is a huge benefit to your business.

Cost Savings
Completing a qualification “on the job” is also extremely cost effective due to the delivery style, no need to take time away from your duties to attend training courses. In fact, the more time you spend doing your job the quicker you will progress through the qualification.

In addition, you will also save the costs associated with traditional training, including:

  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Expenses
  • Employee down time

You Cannot Fail an NVQ


Unlike academic qualifications an NVQ doesn’t require you to sit any exams, therefore there are no examinations to fail.

No Examinations
An NVQ cannot be failed, you are either deemed competent or not yet competent, in the latter case you would need to increase the evidence portfolio’s content to further prove your competency.
Recognised Globally
The level 7 NVQ Diploma is recognised globally as a high level professional qualification for those in strategic senior management positions.

Career Progression
Sitting above both the NEBOSH Diploma and NVQ level 6 qualifications you will be head and shoulders above your peers however the sky is the limit. Completion of the NVQ level 7 will open doors to many international universities and will act as a bridge to their Health and Safety MSC programmes.
IOSH Membership
The NVQ level 7 Diploma in strategic health and safety leadership and management exceeds the requirement for Certified Membership (CertIOSH), Once your IPD is completed you will be eligible for Chartered Membership (CMIOSH).

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